Kevin Patch

Kevin Patch

It’s always a question you ask yourself when there’s so much at stake when you decide to renovate your flat – who do you choose? In our case, it was new flooring and then painting the whole flat. We required a company that had a good track record, not only for the quality of the material with which they work but equally importantly, the quality of the people who will come into your home and undertake the work. We investigated a number of providers. Some took too long to respond and thus lost the opportunity. In one case, we were phoned a week after leaving a message. Not the best way to run a business.

Eventually it came down to two, one of which was Edinburgh Flooring. Due to the comfort and confidence we had in the way Mark approached the project, and also the people he would be bringing in to do the work, we decided to go with him and his team. The point to remember is that price is only one element of a project like this. Edinburgh Flooring was not the ‘cheapest’ but the price was fair and, in my view, appropriate for the work involved. I have not been disappointed.

The quality of the work done by Craig and Stevie is exceptional. With Craig you have a professional who prides himself on completing work to a high standard, in fact, an exceptional standard. His focus on the minutiae, to the millimeter, meant that the finished work was superb.

Stevie completed the work by painting our flat quickly, efficiently and to a high professional standard. He confirmed what we already knew, he knows his stuff and is seriously good at it.

The attention to detail, the willingness to go the extra mile, the ability to respond quickly to a customer’s question/requirement was exceptional from everyone involved. In sum, the customer care element of this company is second to none. Not to mention the fact that they swept and hoovered at the end of every day.

I wholeheartedly recommend this company to anyone who needs their floor renovated/replaced or decorated. You won’t regret it. Excellent all round.

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