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Keeping your wood floor in excellent condition is simple when you use the very best cleaning and maintenance products from Bona. Bringing out the best in your wooden floors with minimal elbow grease required, Bona has decades of experience in caring for flooring. An innovator and market-leader, Bona was one of the first to switch to water-based finishes, that are kinder to the environment and to your floor.

Bona’s premium quality products are internationally and nationally certified for indoor air quality, for complete tlc for your home.

From floor mops and accessories to wood floor and laminate cleaners, Bona solutions are specially formulated for the very best performance.

If you are renovating your wooden floors, or looking for a fresh look for existing flooring, Bona can help here too, with an impressive range of lacquers, oils and wood stains that enhance the character of the wood, while adding protection so you can enjoy its natural beauty for longer.


Ever since the early days of bonvax, Bona has pioneered some of the most important innovations in the industry. In the early 1970’s Bona was among the first to remove toxic and hazardous chemicals from hardwood floor finish and proved water-based finish as a reliable and durable alternative. Additionally, Bona was one of the first companies to insist on dust containment systems that remove carcinogenic wood dust from the air and environment during the hardwood floor sanding process. We were also the first in our industry to offer a full system of waterborne hardwood floor finishing and floor care products certified for indoor air quality. Bona products are of premium quality and certified by a variety of international and national environmental organizations.

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  • Sustainable Solutions
  • Safety, health & environment
  • stone, tile, laminate, resilient and parquet

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Experience Innovation the Professional Way

Bona are passionate about developing innovative and sustainable solutions for wood floors including installation and renovation to maintenance and care.

Bona has strong environmental credentials and believes firmly in making products sustainable. There is a real focus on what is known as ‘Corporate Social Responsibility’.  Products made by Bona come with environmental credentials that make it safe for your family, pet, home and the environment.

Bona are pioneers in waterborne finishes which offers a range of environmentally sound products, including lacquers, primers and wood stains.

The solvent content, so-called Volatile  Organic Compounds (VOC), are a big concern as air pollution has increased over the years. Bona waterborne finishes meet all standards by a good margin.

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Mrs V McCann

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