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Kährs Products

Using wood from sustainably managed forests, Kährs manufactures the finest wooden flooring and makes it easy to fit with its innovative glueless joint system.

An innovator for more than 150 years, the Swedish company was the first to design a multi-layered engineered wood floor. The Kährs range is beautifully designed, extremely well made and simple to care for.

Hardwearing and extremely durable, Kährs floors are available in a variety of colours, wood types, sizes and patterns, with an option for all tastes and every setting. From premium authentic oak and beech, to maple and walnut, all in a variety of shades, Kährs offers a versatile wood flooring selection to enhance any room.

Choose from a range of different finishes too, all solvent free, that accentuate the natural beauty of the wood and ensure your Kährs floor will be a pleasure to come home to.


Kährs’ long history is lined with a series of innovations that have shaped the entire global wood flooring industry over the years – from the invention of the multi-layer board to the glue-less Woodloc® locking joint.

Key Features

  • Woodloc® 5S joint
  • High-tech robotized design line
  • World’s first glueless joint
  • Solvent-free production
  • Early sustainable thinking

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Kährs is one of the oldest flooring companies in the world and has a deep passion for beautiful floors. Their innovation makes them leaders in the market of stunning and sustainable floors and the quality of the product gives you the assurance of real durability.

Kährs strives to be one of the most innovative manufacturers of wood and parquet floors. These innovations have impacted on the global wood flooring industry, moving towards much more sustainable development. This is done both through their production process and by supporting reforestation.

We can advise you on choosing a new floor but the best advice is probably just to listen to your heart! There are some things to think about such as the light, colour scheme and effect you want. However, the best thing to do is visit our well-stocked showroom in order to see the floors in real life and touch the surface to get a real feel for the wood products you are choosing.

A common question asked is whether people should choose a lacquered or an oiled wood floor. The surface treatment on a wood floor plays an important part in the overall look of the floor. In answer, a lacquered surface reflects more light than an oiled floor. An oiled floor requires more maintenance than a lacquered floor but then it is easier to maintain. Kährs has a new ultra matt lacquer which gives the impression that the floor has been made out of untreated, newly sawn timber, although it still has strong protection against daily wear.

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